When Hannah notices the symptoms of a terminal and painful illness in her aloof daughter, Esme, she decides to take her on a trip to their abandoned family farm in a desperate attempt to connect before they have to say goodbye…

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“Esme, My Love… will haunt me as one of the most beautiful feature films I’ve experienced.”

— Dora Naughton, Queens World Film Festival

“Esme, My Love is, at the time of this writing, the most divisive film I’ve seen this year. The trailer is exquisite. The performances (from a cast of two) are outstanding. The score is incredible. The cinematography is top-notch.”

— Jack Wells, MorbidlyBeautiful.com

“Choy’s film plays on your imagination with gorgeous sound design and cinematography…Esme, My Love possesses a brooding, nightmarish quality that…keeps you guessing.”

— Hope Madden, MaddWolff.com

“…at times heartfelt, at others chilling, and completely flawless throughout.”

— Positively Horror

Audrey Grace Marshall

(Esme) is a truly unique talent, only nine years old at the time of filming. She was recently nominated for a SAG Award for her role in HBO’s The Flight Attendant and is now starring in Paramount +’s Fairly OddParents. You can also see her in Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Stacey Weckstein

(Hannah) makes her feature film debut with Esme, My Love. You can see her as the starring role in the award-winning short film The Sound of Your Voice.